Welcome to the not-for-profit organisation website of Sebastian Lee for the conservation of musical heritage in danger of being forgotten; in homage to Sebastian Lee, German composer and cellist of the XIXth century.

Sebastian Lee at 45, anonymous engraving, 1851

On this site dedicated to his life and his work, you will find biographical elements as well as his catalogue that we propose to reconstitute. The association, whose mission is the conservation of musical heritage in danger of being forgotten, proposes to research, compile, transcribe and republish scores, musical works and texts neglected by traditional publishing houses. This non-profit association uses all income generated, whether it is membership fees, donations or sales, to safeguard musical heritage in danger of being forgotten. Any help is precious to us, that’s why we invite you to join the association or to share with us the resources in your possession; whether old scores, rare recordings, books or essays that deserve to be rehabilitated returned to the public in their original authentic form.